Our story

ProsperChain was started from University of Cambridge Judge Business School by the founder Chris who was a postgraduate student there and previously managed a 10 people IT team in Risk and Finance department at Credit Suisse investment bank in London..  It was one of the 5 ventures out of 100+ ventures in University of Cambridge Judge Business School to be selected to pitch alongside some of the world class Cambridge DeepTech PhD students in a Cambridge version Dragons Den event in front of VCs and investors.

Because of the potential impact and the innovative approach of applying technologies to tackle a global problem.  It has been invited to some major conferences and top University pitch events.  Here are some of the events we presented.


Blockchain Pitch Night at London School of Economics


Insurance 3.0


In our society, when SMEs do business with each other, they do not trust each other as there is information asymmetry issue and there is no trustworthy source of information that SMEs can rely on.

As a result of this lack of trust, our society tends to place most of its trust mainly in those central authorities such as banks and large corporations. In this process, we also give these central authorities our economic power. Hence, large corporations and banks dominate our society .


The vision of ProsperChain is to help SMEs build transparent credit profiles on blockchain and decentralise the economic power in order to reduce the gap between the rich and poor in our society.

Our team

We are an experienced team in financial industry.

He is a IT team leader with 10 years of experience gained in banking IT and previously managed a 10 people software development team in Risk and Finance IT department at Credit Suisse in London. He also led a 5 people internal machine learning innovation team working on knowledge base solution at the department level. He launched ProsperChain during his postgraduate study and then became one of top ventures at University of Cambridge Judge Business School.


Annie Ching

System Analyst

She has over 9 years experience in system analysis in financial sector.

Bruce Cannon is a banker who held senior risk management positions with HSBC Group in four continents. His final position was Chief Risk Officer Latin America, 2009-2014, and immediately prior he was Chief Risk Officer Europe – 2006 to 2009. After retiring from HSBC, Bruce set up a training and risk advisory business. 

In 2018, Bruce completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at Said Business School and he maintains a keen interest in new technologies. He uses his forty years banking experience, in particular in the area of risk management, to assist fintech businesses.