Intelligent Credit Control Software

Get a grip of your cashflow with our AI-powered credit control software to see through the late payment behaviour of your trading partners.

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Robust cashflow management starts from credit check

Robust credit control and cashflow management start from credit check your potential customers and suppliers.  An in-depth view of the company, which you are about to do business with, gives you a peace of mind.

A prediction rate of 70% of company insolvencies 12 months in advance​

Days Beyond Terms (DBT) to show how long they usually take to pay their bills.

Company credit reports including financial data such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Capital & Reserves, Key Ratios, Cashflow​

Fetch all related news articles of your potential client and provide a sentiment score of each news article.

Real time monitoring alerts notify you when it matters the most.

Ongoing monitoring credit scores, overdue balance and late payment behaviour of your customers ensures healthy cashflow.

  • Alert any new CCJs of your customers.
  • Prevent you from issuing any new invoice when a credit limit of your customer is reached.
  • Analyse large data set including google reviews, trade payment data, credit risk & limit, CCJs.
  • Monitor how close your customers are approaching their credit limits.
  • Measure the concentration risk of the outstanding balance.
  • See all customers’ outstanding balances, Days Beyond Terms (DBT), CCJs and credit scores in one report.
  • See the trends of the credit scores and DBT so you know if your customers are struggling or not.

Save time on chasing late payments

It shows you who you should prioritize chasing outstanding invoices.

ProsperChain helps you get paid faster – send automated emails and schedule calls.  Keep all of your conversations in one place (Coming soon.)

Strengthen your credit control in minutes.

Free for all basic credit control function.

We never sell your data

  • ProsperChain uses the latest in 256-bit encryption to ensure your information stays secure.
  • We never sell your details to anyone.

Integrate with Xero

  • Integrate directly with Xero, and plan to support QuickBooks and others soon

Checking is risk free

  • Check credit scores as often as you like, with no worries.

1 month free trial!
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Our team

We are an experienced team in financial industry.

System Analyst

She has over 9 years experience in system analysis in financial sector.


Bruce Cannon is a banker who held senior risk management positions with HSBC Group in four continents. His final position was Chief Risk Officer Latin America, 2009-2014, and immediately prior he was Chief Risk Officer Europe – 2006 to 2009. After retiring from HSBC, Bruce set up a training and risk advisory business. 

In 2018, Bruce completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at Said Business School and he maintains a keen interest in new technologies. He uses his forty years banking experience, in particular in the area of risk management, to assist fintech businesses.

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